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JRadiusClient is an implementation of a RADIUS Client compliant with IETF RFC 2865 and 2866. It is intended to be used as a library to build your own Network Access Server. We arguably support most of the possible formulations of RADIUS auth and accounting requests. We have implemented the basic functionality to perform PAP and CHAP access requests. other special formulations of radius packets are up to the user of these classes to define.

Latest news

2-10-04 - 2.0.0 release of re-factored code base. This release breaks backwards compatability with the 1.0.0 and prior releases of the code. I believe it is a much better design and will be easier to use.
1-1-04 - 1.0.0 stable release of the JRadiusClient code. It is essentially the same as the 0.9.7 release with an example of implementing CHAP access requests added to the TestRadiusClient class.

API Documentation

Read the 2.0 API documentation here
Read the 1.0 API documentation here

Team Members

Aziz Abouchi is Administrator and Member of the project since 2001-07-03 Bob Loihl is Member of the project since 2002-02-07

If you want some informations or to join the project, send me an email at

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The prefered way to get jradius-client is to download sources by CVS and to compile it!
You don't want! Go Download sources & binaries : jradius-client

RFC Compliance

jradius-client strives to be conformant to relevant RFCs.

Supported RFC's

Unsupported RFC's

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